Shipping and returns

Regarding delivery

1.Shipping method
・Products you order will be delivered by Sagawa Express or Japan Post.
・For inquiries about changing the arrival date or shipping address after the product has been shipped, please check the tracking number and contact the shipping company directly.
2.About shipping charges
・The price will be 680 yen (tax included) nationwide. However, shipping is free for purchases over 10,000 yen (tax included).
・Shipping charges will be paid together with the total amount of the ordered products.
3.About delivery
・Due to product production, pre-ordered items may arrive earlier or later than the scheduled arrival date on the product page.
-Standard products are usually delivered within 7 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). However, if there is a high volume of orders or around holidays, delivery may be delayed.
・If you are not home, please let us know your desired date and time for redelivery within one week after the absence notice is issued.
Additionally, if the storage period for the package has passed, the order will be automatically canceled without any instructions from the customer as the package could not be delivered due to long-term absence.
4.About shipping address
·But only in Japan.
・It is also possible to specify a delivery address other than the orderer's address.
・If you specify a delivery address, invoices for the product price and information on the arrival date of the product will be sent to the customer who placed the order.

Regarding changes/cancellations

・We cannot accept any changes or cancellations after purchasing the product, even before the product is shipped, so please consider carefully before purchasing.
・Additional orders or multiple orders cannot be combined after an order has been completed.

About returns and exchanges

1. Handling of defective products
Only if you contact us within 7 days of receiving the product, we will replace it with the same product or redeliver it after repair. However, if we do not have the replacement item in stock or if it cannot be repaired, a refund will be processed. Please refrain from making requests due to the customer's convenience.
2.Handling returns
We do not accept returns or exchanges of products for reasons other than those listed below.
(1) If a product different from the one you ordered is delivered
We do not accept requests for reasons that differ from the image of the ordered product (color, size, texture, etc.).
(2) If the product is defective
We do not accept returns or exchanges for products purchased outside of PERSON & PEOPLE ONLINE STORE. Please note.
3.Cancellation/exchange due to customer convenience
We cannot accept cancellations after purchasing the product, nor any cancellations, exchanges, or returns due to customer convenience.
Additionally, returns without contacting us (defective items only) will take time to process, so please contact us before returning the item.
*If you refuse to receive the package, you will be charged the round-trip shipping fee.
*If the customer continues to refuse to receive, be absent for a long period of time, or cancel due to customer circumstances, we may restrict the use of the site.